Alexander’s Steakhouse (lunch)

I never have a good reason to go to Alexander’s for lunch.  It’s close by, but I could imagine the price range is a little high for just a regular lunch.  We finally found something special enough at work to go today.  All we could think about was the truffle fries.  I was a bit worried that it would be off the limited lunch menu (which is not posted online), but it happens to be the only “regular” sides available.  I was happy to make a meal with just that.  But what is the fun of going to Alexander’s without actually sampling their menu?  So the group of us made the rounds.

The most frustrating thing about going to Alexander’s for lunch is that their menu is not posted online anywhere.  So I took a picture, and they may try to shut me down.  But frankly I don’t really care.  The menu itself for lunch is pretty sparse.  They do serve a more casual menu for lunch, and to tell the truth I’m not sure if it’s the good thing.  I think since they don’t post the menu online, for those of us who have been there for dinner before, we carry with us a certain amount of expectation.   I went in with an open mind and expected the worst.

Alexanders Lunch Menu

We started out with a couple of hamachi shots.  It was really tasty, and leaves me wanting more.  The hamachi was fresh and everything paired with it nicely.  I think a little fork might have helped with getting everything in my mouth in one shot.  Some of the ingredients tends to stick to the glass and I did have to scoop a piece of avocado out with my finger.  Not the most elegant food to eat in front of your boss.  I also think there was a little too much ponzu in the shot, just a little too salty.

Hamachi Shots

We went there specifically for the truffle fries, and they did not disappoint.  It’s pretty self-explanatory: truffle oil on fries.  I’ll just let you look at those beauties.

Truffle Fries

The reuben and the french dip were seriously bigger then my head.  They were ok according to their respective patrons.  It does appear to be a little bit on the salty side.


French Dip

Fish Tacos

I shared the chashu ramen and lobster roll with my friend.  The ramen was actually decent.  I mean it’s not as good as my usual ramen place, but it’s above average.  The best part is actually the chashu (roast pork).  It was thick and juicy.  Definitely more in quantity then actual ramen places.

Chashu Ramen

The lobster roll (“knuckle” sandwich) was something else.  It was piled high with lobster and was very tasty to boot.  The roll was toasty and the lobster was warm.  Not too much dill and it was seasoned just right.  My only gripe was how messy it was to eat it.  I dropped a small chunk of lobster on the floor and I can feel myself tearing up over it.  At $20 I actually think that was quite reasonable, consider Sam’s Chowdermobile charges around $17 for their lobster roll and they don’t even provide the linen.

"Knuckle" Sandwich

The overall consensus is that the food was pretty good.  It doesn’t match the quality of their dinner service, but it wasn’t bad either.  The only complaint I have is of the service.  Maybe it was because it was “busy” by their standards.  We did have a table of 8 people and their lounge area (only part of the restaurant open for lunch) was full. They only had two waiters and the bus boy really didn’t know how to handle us.  I don’t fault him.  I may go back for lunch again for the lobster roll and the truffle fries, but definitely not for their service during lunch.

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