Second Job

I realize any Tom, Dick, and Jane can and will attempt to write a food blog in this day and age.  Keeping up with it is going to be like a second job.  How do you get around to keep the contents fresh every day?  I personally really enjoy food and all the aspects of it.  I’m never really going to run out of things to talk about, but it’s hard to figure out where to begin.  Our goal here is more of a collective record of our food discussions and adventures, nothing too fancy.

In order for me to be interested in writing a review of something or some place, I have to be interested in it.  It was somewhat disappointing the other night when we spent our weekly group dinner at a chain restaurant.  The food is what you would expect and it’s nothing to write home about.  For me, that felt like wasted time.  We could have been trying out some place more interesting and worth sharing.  One of the challenges of finding a good place on those nights is that we have vegetarians in the group.  As somewhat of a carnivore myself, it is hard for me to figure out off top of my head what places around here has a good vegetarian selection for my friends.  Sometimes I rely on them to give suggestions, which often times does not have a very good non-vegetarian selection for us meat eaters.  So there we were, going to another chain because there are readily available options for all.  One of my goals this year is to compile a list of places that would be exciting and accommodating to everyone in the group.


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