Last Wednesday we went as a group to Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Y Cantina. While this sounds like it might be fun (Cantina!) it was a bit of a disappointment since this place is nothing more than another Mexican restaurant chain like Chevy’s. Why anyone would want to go to a chain Mexican place in the Bay Area when they could go to any number of small local Mexican restaurants baffles me, since chain food is usually diluted down to the most basic of flavors.

The meal started with the classic chips and salsa one would expect at a Mexican joint. The chips themselves were light and flaky, and the salsa was better than your normal chain fair. I believe they fry the chips freshly at the restaurant which is probably why they taste so good. Sadly the chips and salsa were the highlight of the meal.

I ordered a Chicken Chimichanga with Tomatillo and Colorada sauce, it came with spanish rice, beans, and guacamole on the side. The Chimichanga was crispy on the outside but lacked any real flavor. It basically tasted like vaguely chile flavored chicken. Sure it was better than chicken I’d get at Taco Bell but that’s about all I can say. The beans and spanish rice were equally bland and lacked little of their own flavor. Even the guacamole wasn’t anything to write home about, it just tasted like regular restaurant style guacamole.

In the end I wasn’t really impressed with Acapulco. They give you the standard chain Mexican restaurant experience and don’t seem to offer anything that isn’t done better at one of the local Taquerias. Given the plethora of unique Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area I doubt I’ll be returning to this place anytime soon.


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