Cheat Day: Unleashin’ your inner fat kid

How do you know when you’re doing Cheat Day right?  When your boyfriend asks you if you just rubbed Wendy’s chicken nugget crumbs into your gums like a crack fiend.  For what it’s worth, I was not.  THIS TIME.

My boyfriend and I started following an eating plan for the past two months in which we eat healthfully within our targeted daily calorie allowances, and then spend one Cheat Day a week to fulfill our every gluttonous desires. has been a great resource to keep me mindful of what I’m shoveling into my mouth on a daily basis to help me maintain my fitness goals, and it seems like implementing Cheat Days has been helping me cut down on my usual bad habits of grazing and succumbing to “hangry” food cravings.  Granted, I haven’t been perfect on my non-Cheat Days, but I figure that it’s all a work in progress, right?

My boyfriend has become a veritable naughty food ninja; he can sniff out my shame, zero in on any errant crumbs on my lips, and knows me well enough to know if I’m quivering from barely restrained hunger.  He’s like the Glutton Whisperer.  The best and worst part is that he’s such a supportive partner that I can’t regress to my usual M.O. of petty indulgences/thought processes with previous relationships, e.g. “Oh, you think I shouldn’t be eating deep fried butter balls?  EFF YOU, YOUDON’TUNDERSTANDME!  ::hysterical butter-laden sobs::  ITSMAHBODYIDOWHATIWANT, YOUJUDGEMENTALRATBASTARD!”

In any case, it’s been a good example of Stan Lee’s oft-quoted “With great power comes great responsibility.”  At some point, when you recognize that no one is telling you what to consume or what not to consume, you realize that all of your disgusting childhood dreams of unlimited nacho cheese and high fructose corn syrup are right at the Dorito-stained tips of your pudgy fingertips.  I plan to post some of our Cheat Day shenanigans on this blog to record the truly heinous dietary crimes that we’ll be committing against our arteries and asses.

Join me, will you?  Take my hand, but mind the pasteurized processed cheese product smears.  In the meantime, check out the reviews for Los Gatos Cafe for your own Cheat Day brunch!

Fluffy French toast with fresh blackberries and a little carafe of thick glorious apricot syrup, bacon, & thin Denver Scramble crepes drenched in lovely eggy hollandaise sauce at Los Gatos Cafe.


2 thoughts on “Cheat Day: Unleashin’ your inner fat kid

  1. oooh… makes me wish it’s Cheat Day already… Jon and I decided we should do something of this sort as well. One weekend day and Wednesday night of good stuff and BE good rest of the week. Last week I started using the site Fat Secret – – It’s appealing to me because it has an android app and iOS app. Everything syncs up and the food selection is very good. I’m able to somewhat piece together the amount of calories for a bowl of Orenchi ramen. For the price of “free”, I can’t complain.

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