We decided to visit Thaibodia in Santa Clara this week for our Wednesday night dinner. I am just a bit addicted to their house specialty, the Hor Mok.

In this foil wrapped goodness is rock cod sauteed with fresh napa cabbage, basil, egg, coconut milk, and red curry.  I just call it goodness in a filed wrapped bundle.  As Jon described, I inhaled it with the coconut rice.  It was just delicious.  I’ve been there twice, and I’ve gotten it twice… and I will go back for thirds….


Rock Cod Hor Mok

Everything else they ordered were pretty normal Thai dishes.  Jon had the spicy basil cod and that was good.  I really think they excel in fishes.  I haven’t been to many Thai places that serves a decent fish.  I think next time I want to try their whole fish instead of just slices.


Spicy Basil Cod

The one of thing of note of the other dishes on the table was the green curry.  Angel, being how she probably burnt off all of her taste buds, order the green curry in Thai spicy.  This down here is a green curry.  You would never know it from the color.  From the moment they put it down on the table my eyes started to water from the fume.  Yeah it was spicy… I think.  But I wasn’t going to touch it.  She is very particular about her spicy food, and this actually was spicy enough for her.  That is pretty impressive.


"Green" Curry

I didn’t have a picture of the spring rolls, but they are very good.  Fresh, hot, and crunchy is what I look for.  I particularly like Thai spring rolls because it has mung bean noodles in it.

They ordered a Chan Pad Poo purely because the word “poo” appears on the name. It’s fried rice noodles with crab meat.  It was very light and tasty.


Chan Pad Poo


Pad Thai


BBQ Beef


Pineapple Fried Rice


Cashew Chicken

It was overall a very good experience again at Thaibodia.  The quality of the food is good and consistent.  I sampled everything on the table and have nothing to complain about.  Food wise it is definitely above average.  The decor is very nice for a Thai restaurant and it’s very clean.  This is going to be one of my fall back places in the future.


One thought on “Thaibodia

  1. I imagine the reason that the fish was so good has to do with the fact this place is a Thai/Cambodian restaurant – and Cambodian food is very fish-oriented. Things like Amok and other curry-based-fish are Cambodian staples!

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