San Francisco Waterfront Dining

A couple of weeks ago we spent the morning in one of my favorite places. In fact, I have been calling it my happy place. About 6 months ago I started heading up to the city by myself. I have heard of great things about the farmers market at the Ferry Building. It was somewhat of a gastronomical wonderland. All the fresh produce, artisan products, and food vendors. The drive is a little long, then I figured out the wonders of taking Caltrain. I was not happy about the prospects of the service shutting down on the weekend, but I tried to make the best of it. I introduced a few of my friends of this leisurely trek and it became one of our favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday morning. There are a few particular vendors I like to visit, and I will write about them individually.

First off I just have to show off this magical log of meat. This porchetta is the stuff dreams are made of. A perfectly marinaded pork loin wrapped with pork skin, slow roasted to perfection.


Served up with caramelized onion and greens in an Acme sandwich roll drenched in porchetta juices. It is a sandwich of perfection. Roli Roti, you’re doing it right.


Since the line for that magical sandwich was fairly long, our contingent plan was some delicious spicy cheese curds. I don’t know why this food item has not caught on in the area. I would snack on squeaky cheese any time of day.


No trip to the Ferry Building is complete without a cup of Blue Bottle coffee. If I’m there early in the morning and the line is short I normally would get a macchiato, seeing that it’s my signature drink and all. But I have to say I have not been able find a place that serves a better cup of mocha.



Here’s the part where I wish I live closer… The plethora of meat products that




I think this is as much beautiful food goodness I can take for now.  I’ll review some of these vendors individually.  If I miss something, I’ll write about them as well…. Why wait to share?

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