Gourmet Haus Staudt

This place is great purely because of its simplicity.  It is a small little biergarten located in the back of a German general store.  It is also infamous for the iPhone 4 incident. There are a few very good German and guest beers on tap, and a simple menu for food.  It is also the one place I would consider tackling “das boot”.

One of the best thing about it is the location.  It is conveniently located right next to the Redwood City Caltrain station.  It gives me the confidence to do this…. Drink a whole liter of beer.  The stein is literally bigger then my head and I look ridiculous drinking from it.  But I honestly don’t care.  It was just delicious.


One of the surprising offering to me is a good Belgian brew. These things are so strong they will only serve it in a goblet and never in a liter. The flavors are very complex and great for sipping.


As I mentioned before, the menu is very simple. Every night there is a hot plate, usually brat with salad, or kraut. The first time I went, it was two different types of brat and German potato salad. It was so good… This time we had schnitzel. It was pure fried pounded meat goodness.


One of the staples on the menu is their giant soft pretzel. We always order it with salami and cheese. Warm chewy goodness paired with hot mustard, it is heaven.


There are a few condiment choices. One of the more interesting ones was curry ketchup. I hear it is a German staple and I just had to try it. I ended up slathering it on the schnitzel. I will have to get a bottle for myself the next time I visit.


This was another simple item on the menu we were curious to try. I guess when you’re that drunk you would want to eat everything off the menu. It looks simple enough to make, but I doubt it will taste the same elsewhere. Baked brie smothered with lingonberry preserve.


To be honest, I’m pretty glad this place is all the way up in Redwood City. If I live anywhere close to it, that will be very dangerous. It is already easy enough for us to get there on the Caltrain. I can’t imagine what we will turn out to be if it was any closer. The food is simple and great, the beer is delicious, and the atmosphere is cozy. I can’t wait until our next monthly pilgrimage.


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