Going in Blind

I’m heading off to DC on Sunday for a conference. As usual, I’ve been delegated the food search duties.  With a city as vast as Washington DC, it is very hard to figure out where to start.  I am fortunate enough to have a couple of cousins and friends in the area to somewhat point the way.  Before all of this newfangled interwebs business, I would have no idea where to go without a local network to rely on.  Yelp is somewhat of a help, but since it is so popular now, it’s kind of hard to narrow things down.  I’m starting to think this whole blogging business should be taking more seriously.  A searchable blog of food suggestions from somebody I know and trust will only help me figure out what I would like.  Right now I have categories for different neighborhoods.  I’m thinking I need to put together a Top 10 list for each.  Something to work on in my spare time.


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