Ganesha Indian Cuisine

I want to apologize for the lack of photos.  It totally escaped my mind last night.  I will need to go back to take some pictures at some point.

We found this place a little while back via Groupon. It was a good thing too because I would have never thought there to be an Indian restaurant in the corner of a Korean strip mall at a quiet corner of Kiely and Benton 5 minutes away from my bowling alley. We convinced my weekly dinner group to try the place out last night.

First off, the service is great. I believe the gentleman serving us last night was one of the owners. He attended to all of our needs and was great at answering questions. He explained the difference between the Chicken Tikka Marsala and Butter Chicken (I believe the Tikka has more of an onion taste). When we were out of rice he came out with three more servings (they come with the meal).

The food was delicious and consistent with my last visit. The food comes in a small container, but they are deep. Plus white rice was included with the meal. It doesn’t look like much but by the time we’re done eating we were holding our stomachs.
1) Lamb Imly – The lamb was tender and was not gamey at all. The tamarind sauce added another layer of flavor to the traditional curry. It was rich and not very spicy. Goes very well with rice and garlic naan. Definitely my favorite dish there (so far)
2) Mattar paneer – peas and cheese in a light spicy sauce.  The amount of spice is just right.  I think I still prefer palak paneer (spinach) between the two.
3) Vegetarian Samosas – hands down the best samosas I have found in the area. The skin is light and flaky and the filling is seasoned just right. When you cut it open, the steaming contents just draws you in. The fragrance of the savory, spicy filling wafts over the table and drew everyone’s attention.
4) Mango Lassi – as opposed to many places I tried, this was not too thick, not too sweet, the consistency was just right. I don’t feel totally bloated after drinking it. Will definitely order again.
5) Garlic naan – fresh out of the oven hot. Generous amount of garlic. A perfect compliment to everything I tried.
6) Kabuli naan – nuts, raisins and cherries are not things I expected in a naan, but it was actually really good. It had a pretty fruity flavor to it. I would pair it with a sweeter dish or something with more of a yogurt based sauce.

My friends also ordered the following: Chicken Tikka Marsala, Butter Chicken, Lamb Biryani, and Bengan Bhartha. Two others ordered the Lamb Imly and one other ordered the Mattar Paneer. The Lamb Biryani was huge, it would feed around 3-4 people and it comes with a yogurt sauce that really help cut the spice. It was easily one of the most quiet dinner I have gone to with 9 people. The food was so good all around, everyone was concentrating on eating. Our server kept bringing out more rice, which really helped us stuff our faces.

The bill for 9 people came out to about $140, that is after the 20% foursquare discount (first 10 people who checks in after 7pm receives the discount) plus tax and tip. As I mentioned we discovered this place via Groupon. And I saw earlier today that they also have certificates. I see they’re hurting for business for dinner. But with the food this good, they really shouldn’t be. I almost feel guilty asking for that 20% discount. I will probably go back again soon for their lunch buffet (Mon-Sat 11 – 2:30) just to try out their different dishes. They have a good size buffet bar, so I would imagine they have quite a few things to choose from. Hopefully next time I will be able to put some pictures up.


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