“Quick” Lunch – Village Falafel

So I popped into Village Falafel today for a quick lunch.  It wasn’t very quick.  I’ll give the place a little slack because it’s only been opened for a few weeks.  The building used to be occupied a Korean+Pizza restaurant (just Pizza prior to that) that one of my co-workers had less then flattering opinions of.  When the new sign came up we anticipated it what was coming… for a while, just like my food today.

The menu was pretty much what I expected – Falafel, Kabobs, Shawarma.  Choices of wraps, plates, and salads.  Just take your pick.  I opted for a Lamb Shawarma salad, as I usually would.  It was ok.  The lamb was a bit dry, so I applied a generous amount of tahini.  I’ll probably try it again at some point, when they figure out how to cook it without making it jerky.  From what I heard around the table, every meat product there was kind of dry.  Maybe it was because of the lunch rush, I don’t know.

Armenian coffe caught my attention.  The cashier was not kidding when she said it was really strong, and I throughly enjoyed it.  It was deep, dark, rich, and a little thicker then regular espresso shots.  I would get that again.

I stole a couple of garlic fries from my friend.  That was pretty good.  Or maybe I was just hungry.

Overall I’m not in love with the place.  It is convenient and does provide a fix.  Mind you, not a quick one when there’s a crowd.  At least the space is bigger then House of Falafel down the street.  But if I have more time for lunch, I would make my way down the street.  I’d give it another shot, but maybe in a couple of months after they have worked out the kinks.

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