Verve The 1950 Moka Java Blend

We took a drive out to the coast this past weekend and could not resist stopping in at Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz.  The cappuccino was good, and the cold brew on nitro was surprisingly (or not, since it really was on a nitro tap) creamy.  I really shouldn’t be surprised, but the whole concept of putting a cold brew on nitro was pretty genius.  Of course the trip would not be complete without picking up some fresh beans.  I’ve come to think that we are out of season for the flavors I usually go for.  However, there are usually some good stand bys.  Enter The 1950, Moka Java blend.  In lieu of single origins, it is always a good stand by when I’m looking for warmer tones.

Verve The 1950

This bag was roasted on 1/9, 4 days ago. ~$15 for the 12 oz bag.  I wasn’t really paying attention as I was also purchasing a shirt and the cold brew at the time.  The tasting notes are of Brown Sugar, Clove and Pecan.

I played around with the ratio a bit and ended up wit 30g of beans for my last batch.  I ended up diluting it about 3/5 to 2/3.  Just a little more water then the press.

Maybe I thought I would pick up something more in my mind.  I got a lot of clove out of my cup, and the rest is just plain coffee.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very distinctive.  I guess I was a little disappointed with it.  But by no means it’s bad.  It’s definitely a good stand by.

**Edit 1/28/14**  I started doing the upside down aeropress method today and feel like I’m finally  doing this coffee justice.  Once again, with a hot fresh brewed cup I’m getting a lot of cloves to the nose.  I’m still not getting the pecan, but I’m getting berries on the back end when it cools down a bit.  Blueberries it would seem.  It’s not going to be as pronounced as another one I’m going to review later, but it’s definitely there.

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