Blue Bottle Coffee – Giant Steps

Blue Bottle Giant StepsTasting notes: mud, chocolate.

Super gritty/thick, even with Aeropress paper filter it came out like french press sludge.

Nose of beans is very dark, not Starbucks dark, but definitely has a roast/burnt undertone. Actual taste isn’t burnt. As it cools gets a bit brighter, like a dark chocolate.

As far as coffees go it’s not very interesting. It just tastes like coffee with chocolate notes. Giant Steps is not bad, but I probably wouldn’t buy it given so many more complex options available. Definitely would be good with milk or cream as well, though I mostly drink coffee black to save the calories and be able to to taste regional flavors.

Overall better than most coffee available, its not over roasted like so many american coffees. I wouldn’t mind a cup of this if I’m looking to have a cup of coffee with milk, but would choose something with a bit more complexity if available.

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